DDV Ranch

Welcome to the DDV Ranch home on the web. We are a family owned and run ranch specializing in raising Registered Texas Longhorns.

What's New:

The area in which the DDV Ranch is located is facing an ongoing drought. The drought is the worst ever recorded in Texas history. Despite seeing rain in the area, we've seen very little at the ranch itself. Thus, we face serious issues growing grass and have two of our four ponds completely dry at this time. We hope for rain soon to refill the ponds, close the huge cracks in the land and get the grass back to its more natural green color.

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The DDV Ranch

The DDV Ranch was founded in 2005 when we purchased a section of what not too long before was a larger property. The property was sold when the family living there had to move to Houston in their elder years. The land was split up into ultimately 8 properties. We now own the largest single section which is about 65% of the original tract.

What is even more interesting is that the land we now own was where family once lived and raised a generation of children and where the grand kids played for decades. Read more about it here.

The ranch is one of our business interests. It also serves as a place to get away from the big city and enjoy the stars at night, the clean air, and the ability to see for miles in almost all directions. We sit nearly at the top of a hill in Fayette County, Texas, hence the beautiful views.


Our Mission

  • To raise a beautiful herd of Registered (or registration eligible) Texas Longhorn Cattle, the official Mammal of Texas.
  • To raise our animals as natural grass fed animals that meet or exceed the USDA requirements for the Natural Grass Fed labeling.
  • Maintain a herd of Longhorns that are pure in lineage to help preserve the breed.
  • Provide assistance to the needy thru various volunteer efforts and programs.

Who We Are

We are a family who prior to purchasing the ranch was not involved in ranching or farming. Further we had no formal education in either of the disciplines. Thus, this has given our family an opportunity to grow in knowledge of agriculture. We are a family who loved being entrepreneurial and working hard to make good things happen.

We prefer to raise our livestock using purely natural methods where possible. We like to conserve the environment on and around the ranch as ultimately we will live many of our retirement years on the ranch and without conservation we could easily lose the beautiful surroundings that we love at the ranch.


Our Cattle

Herd Sire:

We have at present one Herd Sire, Smokin Similar who does a great job for us as our bull.



We have several beautiful cows on the ranch. All present cows have done a good job of bearing and raising wonderful calves that enhance the breed and our herd in particular.



Our crop of heifers is beautiful and full of a variety of color. Most are slated for sale in the present drought situation, so if you see one you like this is a good time to consider discussing a purchase.



We have three steers at the ranch right now. Two are long time friends of the family. One is a younger steer who is definitely looking for a place to grow old with other Longhorns and a nice family.


Young Bulls:

Our young bulls likely will be steered and moved out to other ranchers looking for Longhorns to help protect their calf crop or to other places to make those who prefer natural grass fed beef happy.


Support your local ranchers and farmers

There are many ways to support your local ranchers and farmers. Among the best is to buy meat and vegetables produced locally. Where possible direct purchases from the producer go a long way to helping the smaller producers who make up a large number of the livestock raisers in the entire country.

Check out your local farmers market or call your local rancher to see how you can acquire local livestock and produce.